Echo The Moon Track Listing:
01. Fearless
02. The Darkest Sun
03. Deceleration
04. Give
05. Like Air
06. Body In Negative
07. Exhaustion
08. Echo The Moon

Album Info:
IRM recorded Echo the Moon at Smart Studios in Madison, Wisconsin. There they were introduced to the world of analog, exploring space echoes, vintage reverbs and compressors, and a 2-inch tape machine with the creative influence of Smart's Sean O'Keefe. Joining them in the studio were Walker's brother Solomon Snyder (Year of the Rabbit), bass; Scott Bennett (Brian Wilson, Flaming Lips), guitar; Jonny Polonsky, guitar; Arch Alcantara, guitar; and Alan Berliant, bass.

Liner Notes:
Produced by IRM
Recorded and mixed by IRM and Sean O'Keefe
All songs written by IRM except Fearless, written by Waters/Gilmour
Additional engineering and mixing by Rick Fritz, Marc Ziemba, Matt Prock and Manny Sanchez
Mastered by Trevor Sadler at Mastermind Productions
Bass on tracks 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8: Alan Berliant
Bass on tracks 4 and 7: Solomon Snyder
Guitar on tracks 1 and 7: Arch Alcantara
Guitar on track 7: Jonny Polonsky
Guitar on track 8: Scott Bennett
Photography: Jason Lee & Brian Doherty
CD Design: Jason Lee

Thanks to:
Alan Berliant, Mike Zirkel, Butch Vig, Joey D, Billy Corgan, Noble Hibbs, Brian Doherty, Jason Lee, Mark Messner, John Seiller, Derrick Stout, Lisa & Chris Randall, Griff Baron, The acomodating hands Smart, Spank, Hinge and Engine.

For enduring our creative process with love and support:
Midge, Miles and Penelope; Char, Haley and Dylan; Laura, Jess, Tina, Alan, CC and The Royals, The Snyders, Connie, Lorelei, Brian and Will, Marcy, Trevor and The O'Boyles.

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