Echo The Moon

As fans of melodic pop as well as ambient and experimental music, Impossible Recording Machine’s Matt Walker and Jim Dinou set out to create an album that captured the depth and mood they had envisioned for their second release. If Axioms, their debut album, was a sampling of disparate moods and textures, they intended Echo The Moon to be a more singular vision, following the course of an emotive theme from beginning to end. The result is an album that is alternately beautiful and eerie, gentle and razor sharp. Echo The Moon is an explorative soundscape encompassing electric, acoustic, melodic, dissonant, disciplined and spontaneous musical worlds.

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“Echo the Moon is superb and wildly impressive and meant to be listened loud.” -

“Echo the Moon, the band's sophomore effort, finds a grace and poise in its electronic songs that's worlds more sophisticated than the glut of new-generation electronic rockers who were introduced to the notion of digital music by Aphex Twin and The Prodigy...Impossible Recording Machine pursue the long-lost art of delicate, gimmick-free electronic songwriting...Echo the Moon juggles ambience and pop hooks with a decidedly crisp take on electro-pop.” -

“This songwriting duo brings a multi-faceted dimension to their Echo The Moon, going from a smoky, Quaalude induced slumber on "Deceleration," that's subtly etched with a Pink Floyd guitar solo, to a collage of Radiohead strings and apocalyptic drums from the jungle on "Body in Negative." The way they craft a balance with every element is their strongest talent, how they can use that whaling guitar as a backdrop to add a bit of "bite" to the song without making you run to hit the off button.” - Kaffeine Buzz

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Matt Walker & Jim Dinou

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